White Pine Winery

Southwest Michigan Winery and tasting room

Winemaking Data

Fruit was mechanically harvested in cool conditions and immediately destemmed and crushed. Fruit was pressed to 0.8 bar at which point fractions were made and hard-press juice separated. The must was racked to a stainless steel fermenter and was fermented cool with Epernay 2 yeast to 1.8% residual sugar at which point the fermentation was stopped. Wine was settled, racked and cold stabilized naturally. The Finished wine was polish-filtered and prepared for bottling.

2012ReserveRieslingTech Data

Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore
Alcohol: 11.8% pH: 3.12 TA: 6.8
Residual Sugar: 1.8%
Aging: Stainless Steel Closure: Cork
Case production: 125

Tasting Notes

Peaches, aoricot and a hint of mango define this wine. The aroma’s leap from the glass and are followed by juicy, mouth-watering flavors supported by crisp acidity and a hint of minerals. This wine works well on its own or paired with spicy foods such as Asian fare. A classic from our own backyard!


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